About Us

What we do

Our skilled and compassionate people work closely with services users and their families to change and save lives. We combine proven expertise in treatment and recovery with innovative approaches and actively involve those we help in improving the design of the services we provide.

Ambition, compassion, innovation, and integrity

These are the values we believe in at Cranstoun and they are evident in everything we do: how we work with our service users, how we treat colleagues and how we relate to others.

We believe in our service users and know we can help them reach their full potential. We are ambitious as an organisation and believe that our values and commitment can make a real difference. We care and act with compassion at all times. We are innovative and respond intelligently and imaginatively to local needs, and we are willing to challenge the status quo if we believe that we can deliver better and more effective user-centred solutions. We act with integrity, openness, and accountability at all times.

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 Our vision

 Our vision is to beat alcohol and drug addiction.

 We save lives, by tackling alcohol and drug addiction.

 We change the lives of those affected by alcohol
 and drugs; helping them realise their potential
 and giving them a fresh start.

 We rebuild lives and communities affected by
 alcohol and drugs.