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Help & Advice

Cranstoun is here for you. No matter where you are on your journey, there’s a safe space, a helping hand and an understanding community to give you support. As a leading social justice and harm reduction charity, Cranstoun can see the strength, the courage and the drive within everyone to create positive change.

What We Do

Empower. Support. Encourage. Transform. That’s what we do.

Cranstoun offers services that are designed with you and your life in mind. You are unique, you are an individual and you have your own steps to take.

We’re here to celebrate those differences.

When you trust in our services, your voice will be heard, your story will be valued and your goals will be respected.

It’s not always easy to seek help and we understand how brave it is to take this step. Now that you have, we would like to reassure you that you are in a safe space and your wellbeing is in the hands of those who care.

Cranstoun provides services and programmes for adults and young people who need support addressing their use of alcohol and other drugs, domestic abuse, housing and those in contact with the criminal justice system. Whether you need support in the community, help to reduce harm, treatment and recovery services or support for yourself or for others, you can rely on Cranstoun.

You deserve support, you deserve kindness and you deserve to feel empowered to create positive change.

Have a look at what services Cranstoun provides below.

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Alcohol and Other Drugs Overview Image

Alcohol and Other Drugs

Our staff are passionate about reducing harm, providing support and providing education and guidance to individuals and families who are facing difficulties with alcohol and other drugs. Whether you want to stay safe, reduce your use, or give up entirely, we’re here to help you. Find out how we help reduce harm and make a difference.

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Domestic Abuse Overview Image

Domestic Abuse

Cranstoun provides services for those experiencing and perpetrating domestic abuse. If you need services for yourself or someone you know; or you wish to learn about the effects, causes and prevention of domestic abuse, click below.

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Criminal Justice Overview Image

Criminal Justice

The cycle of crime affects so many across society. At Cranstoun, you’ll find services that aim to divert, rehabilitate and educate.

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Alcohol and Other Drugs Overview Image

Harm Reduction

Cranstoun means business when we talk about harm reduction. We are committed to reducing the harms associated with substance use in every way we can imagine.

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Housing Overview Image


Everyone has a right to a home. Cranstoun helps those who are struggling with housing and offers support to create healthier, safer environments for you to thrive.

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Young People Overview Image

Young People

We value young people and provide a range of wellbeing services to support you in reaching your potential. To find out more about our young people services, click below.

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