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Criminal Justice

Diverting people away from the criminal justice system, breaking the cycle of substance use and crime and championing second chances. We believe in education and early intervention and see the potential in all of us.

Why Cranstoun helps

We work alongside the criminal justice system to break the cycle of crime and substance use as early as possible. By engaging with our services people have the opportunity to transform their thoughts, perceptions and actions to make for a safer, happier world for themselves and their communities.

At present, Cranstoun operates a number of region-wide Criminal Justice Services including Arrest Referral, DIVERT™ (pre-arrest drug diversion), Alcohol Related Violence and Alcohol Related Domestic Abuse.

By using a person-centered approach, keeping empathy at the forefront and offering knowledge, support and understanding, we can create a safer world with less crime, reduced re-offending and improved access to services.

Let’s reach for a better world.

How Cranstoun helps

Cranstoun works directly with statutory and third sector organisations within the criminal justice system to support and educate offenders, victims, witnesses and the wider community. By offering alternative methods of intervention, we can create truly positive change in people’s lives.

We specialise in the delivery of services in and out of custody and support the design of systems to improve local, regional and national pathways.

Cranstoun can offer the following support:

  • Lifestyle assessment
  • Tailored advice and information
  • Onward referral for specialist treatment and advice
  • Naloxone training and supply
  • Education programmes to address drug and alcohol related violence
  • Support for police and community relations
  • Early intervention support

Everyone has their own journey, their own experience and their own life path. At Cranstoun, we understand this, and will always strive to work alongside individuals, systems and organisations to bring out the best in those that engage with us.

Have a look at the programmes on offer below:

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DIVERT™ is Cranstoun’s pre-arrest drug diversion programme for those found by the police in possession of small quantities of a controlled substance. Its aim is to educate individuals to make informed choices about their drug use, and the programme can be adapted for Outcome 22, Community Resolutions or Conditional Cautions.

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Cranstoun Arrest Referral Referral

Cranstoun Arrest Referral Referral

The Cranstoun Arrest Referral Service provides offenders the opportunity to break the cycle of crime and substance use. Our dedicated staff teams work within the custody suites of West Midlands Police offering advice, information and referrals on to further treatment.

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Out-of-Court Disposals

Out-of-Court Disposals

Cranstoun provides the Conditional Caution Programme which is a West Midlands Police trial delivered by our Arrest Referral Service (CARS) across all local authority areas of the West Midlands Police Force area including Coventry, Solihull, Birmingham, Sandwell, Walsall, Dudley and Wolverhampton.

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