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Out-of-Court Disposals

Reducing reoffending and tackling the root causes of criminality

Why Cranstoun helps

At Cranstoun, we believe in reducing reoffending by tackling the root causes of criminality and supporting people away from the criminal justice system.

Out-of-court disposals (OOCDs) can be used for crimes, post-arrest and pre-court. Our OOCDs to tackle alcohol-related violence and alcohol-related domestic abuse have high levels of victim satisfaction and a significant reduction in reoffending.

Evaluation carried out by West Midlands Police suggests that where an OOCD is used as a diversion from court for low-level offences committed by those with minimal criminal history, the reduction in reoffending compared with similar offenders given a court outcome can be as much as 70%.

There are cost savings arising from diversion from court and high victim satisfaction rates. Fundamentally, diversion and OOCDs can help to improve individual’s future life chances, and the significant reduction in reoffending clearly helps reduce demand on policing and the wider criminal justice system.

How Cranstoun helps

Cranstoun run OOCDs for alcohol related violence and alcohol related domestic abuse across the  West Midlands Police force area.

Cranstoun’s Alcohol related Violence course provides individuals with information about safer drinking levels, tips to manage their own alcohol consumption, dealing with conflict and self awareness.

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West Midlands Police

West Midlands Police

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