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Criminal Justice

Psychosocial Support and Treatment Services at HMP Birmingham

Cranstoun offers psychosocial support for people at HMP Birmingham who have a history of using drugs and alcohol or who are currently using drugs or alcohol.

We provide a range of interventions for those affected by alcohol and drugs. Our skilled and compassionate team works closely with people in prison to positively change, improve and save lives.

We combine proven expertise in treatment and recovery with innovative approaches and actively involve those we help in improving the design of the services we provide.

How Cranstoun helps:

  • One-to-one interventions including harm reduction and motivational work
  • Supporting clients to make positive changes in preparation for release into the community
  • Working in a trauma-informed way to provide advice, advocacy and psychosocial interventions
  • Working in close partnership with other agencies to ensure individuals access a full range of services
  • Identifying and addressing triggers and high-risk situations and formulating relapse prevention plans
  • Overdose and relapse prevention advice and exploring consequences of drug use
  • Training and provision of naloxone on release

Our service:

  • An initial screening takes place on a person’s first full day in custody on the first night centre
  • We provide information about the service and relevant harm reduction advice and inform prisoners how to access the service should they require it whilst they are here
  • If they agree to engage with us, they are allocated to a Key Worker by a Team Leader
  • The allocated key worker will complete an assessment and care plan, discuss a community referral and provide harm reduction advice
  • Interventions include one-to-one work and access to group
  • Provide support within multi-disciplinary meetings
  • Bespoke service offer on the prison Drug Recovery Wing
  • Release planning includes planning to include continuation of treatment, arranging of community appointments, harm reduction work, relapse prevention work and naloxone training
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HMP Birmingham

HMP Birmingham

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