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Domestic Abuse

Brighton & Hove Domestic Abuse Services

Cranstoun work across Brighton & Hove to deliver a range of domestic abuse interventions.

Our programmes in Brighton & Hove


Change+ offers a behaviour change programme tailored for LGBTQ+ people of any gender aged 18+, who are aware that their relationships have become distressing and damaged by their behaviour.

We offer a minimum of 16 1:1 sessions that can address the impact of anger, jealousy and violence on relationships and help find new ways to manage these issues.

We will also help you try to understand how your own experiences and histories impact your behaviour in relationships, the links between thoughts, feelings and behaviours and how to stop repeating harmful cycles.

If you are interested get in touch and find out if Change+ is right for you.

Level Up

The Level Up programme aims to engage with young people aged 11-18 presenting abusive and challenging behaviours within their homes, with family members or within intimate relationships. The programme offers bespoke, one-to-one sessions and also can provide group sessions, depending on what is deemed more appropriate and effective. Level Up explores what it means to display appropriate behaviour within relationships and highlights how conflict, aggression and anger can deeply impact the lives of others.

Find out more about Level Up here

Men & Masculinities

The Men & Masculinities programme is a programme that provides a safe space for people who have engaged in abusive, harmful and damaging behaviour within their relationships. The programme explores what it means to display appropriate behaviour within relationships and highlights how conflict, aggression and anger can deeply impact the lives of others.

The 24-week programme focuses on behaviour, how we act, how this reinforces how we think and feel, and most importantly, how to act differently and make changes to our behaviour and the environments we create. It is also designed to support any other treatment you may be involved with.

Coming into treatment can be the first positive step towards making life better for you and the people you care about.

Please get in touch with us if:

  • You want to achieve more stability.
  • You want to feel confident.
  • You are eager to put the past behind you.
  • You want to make yourself and the people you care about proud.
  • You know you can be a good father and just need some extra support.
  • You know you can be a good partner and need some guidance and help.
  • You want to be more self-reliant.
  • You want help and support to better understand your own behaviour.
  • You are ready for positive change.

Find out more about Men & Masculinities here

Who we are

Cranstoun is a charity focused on reducing harm, facilitating positive change and creating a safer world. Cranstoun has been supporting people to change behaviour and end domestic abuse since 2010.

We are working with other organisations in Brighton & Hove to offer support for the partners or ex-partners of anyone engaged with the Change+ programme.

If you are interested in our services for young people or men in relationships with women then please visit our website to find out more.

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Cranstoun Brighton & Hove

Cranstoun Brighton & Hove

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