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Domestic Abuse

Harrow Domestic Abuse Support Services

We offer a support service for adults 16+ in the London Borough of Harrow who are victim/survivors of domestic abuse.

What we offer

We work through a range of one-to-one support, programmes and interventions, each delivered by staff with specialist skills and experience of supporting those affected by domestic abuse.

  • Independent Domestic Abuse Advocate (IDVA) Service

IDVAs (Independent Domestic Abuse Advocates) are specialist workers supporting victim/survivors who are at high risk of immediate and significant harm from domestic abuse. IDVAs provide a lifeline for victim/survivors at a time when they are most vulnerable. They provide emotional and practical advice and information, enabling people to make their own choices about the action that they take to promote their long-term safety and wellbeing. IDVAs also represent the victim/survivors’ views at a Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC).

  • Outreach service

Support and advocacy service for 16+ year-olds at risk of harm from intimate partners, ex-partners, or family members. The service supports individuals to increase their safety and that of their children and is delivered by one-to-one support, coffee morning meet-ups with other survivors and a one-stop-shop that offers advice and support appropriate to the needs of each individual. The outreach service provides appropriate crisis support completing in-depth assessments of risk and undertaking high-quality safety and support planning,
signposting and referring clients to external agencies and other specialist services as required.

  • Victim/survivor support programmes

These programmes help victim/survivors understand what constitutes domestic abuse, including coercive control. They take a focused look at healthy relationships and what changes may be needed for a safer future. We examine the relationships victim/survivors have with themselves and teach practical skills for recovery, working on confidence, assertiveness and strengthening social connections in a safe environment. We encourage sharing of behaviours, thoughts and feelings around the aftermath of domestic abuse.

  • Safe accommodation, refuge provision & floating support

Ongoing support, help and advice with housing resettlement needs & tenancy sustainment including:

  • Advice on tenancy rights
  • Help with applications for grants and benefits
  • Support setting up community connections
  • Assisting with Fire Service referrals and providing home safety and security
  • Support with applications for new properties from local authorities, housing associations and private landlords.

Access to safe accommodation and floating support

We work with victim/survivors to support them with all of the essentials they need with housing resettlement and tenancy sustainment. From providing advice on their rights, to ensuring that they can be supported with grants and benefits. We also help with Fire Service referrals to ensure people can be safe in their home. We are also able to support in making applications for new properties with Local Authority, Housing Associations and Private Landlords. Making regular contact with supported victim/survivors/survivors in the community.

Our range of services include:

  • Assessment, support and safety planning for victim/survivors of domestic abuse.
  • Assessment and support for those who want to change their abusive behaviour.
  • Support in seeking safe and appropriate housing options, if needed.
  •  Targeted support for those who may otherwise struggle to access services.
  • Support with seeking expert legal advice
  • Help working with the police and support to understand the Criminal Justice System.
  • Empowering clients to make informed choices that are right for them.
  • Information about how to make a home safe with additional security measures.
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Harrow DASS

Harrow DASS

020 8129 5438

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