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A Cranstoun Manifesto for the UK General Election 2024: Social Justice Policy Recommendations for the Next Government

Posted on: 6 June, 2024

Cranstoun is today launching our policy recommendations for the next government, ahead of polling day on July 4th.  We believe the changes we propose will deliver tangible benefits for health, well-being and a cost saving to the Treasury. 

These recommendations are the synthesis of our experience delivering frontline services, and thorough research examining global best practice in the fields of alcohol & drug treatment, domestic abuse, criminal justice, children and young people, and housing & homelessness. 

Our work delivering services in these five intersectional areas provides us with a unique insight into what works, and what the impacts of such changes would be. Many of the recommendations are already proven in the UK, with pilots and small-scale delivery already being offered. Several also cross over more than one area of delivery, providing a range of benefits to both the people we represent, and our partners and colleagues in the public sector. 

These 30 recommendations – six for each area we work in – can all be easily implemented by the next government, and each is firmly rooted in evidence. We believe that all of these should be implemented as soon as possible and will also be writing to candidates to back our calls for a fairer, more just set of policies in our areas of delivery. 

Charlie Mack, CEO of Cranstoun, said:

“Today we’re launching our election policy proposals and call on all UK Parliamentary candidates to prioritise social justice and adopt a much more compassionate approach to the vulnerable people we see day in, day out at Cranstoun. We believe it is possible, with clear focus, to significantly reduce social inequality, which is deeply rooted in communities across the UK. 

“We’ve developed achievable recommendations to improve how we tackle substance use, domestic abuse, crime, housing and get better outcomes for young people and adults across the whole country. We’re calling on supporters of social justice to ensure that these pressing areas of concern are acknowledged by candidates, and subsequently implemented by the next government.  

“Whatever the outcome of this election, we will continue to work for a fairer, more equitable and compassionate society, and hope that our calls will be heard.”

View our full report and recommendations here

You can also read more about our recommendations for each specific field below:

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