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New addiction service launched in HMP Birmingham

Posted on: 3 November, 2022

A new addictions service has been launched this week in HMP Birmingham, led by the harm reduction and social justice charity Cranstoun and Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust.

The service will be delivering psychosocial interventions to men within the prison covering all addictions including drugs, alcohol and gambling.

The interventions are designed to improve wellbeing and long term outcomes for people, aiming to reduce reoffending and the “revolving door” of crime.

Government statistics show around one in five will reoffend, and the scheme seeks to address the root causes of addiction and subsequent crime.

Cranstoun already delivers services from pre-arrest drug diversion courses and alternatives to custody to support people away from the criminal justice system, instead focusing on education – sometimes dubbed “drug awareness courses.” In addition, the charity works with West Midlands Police’s custody suites, and delivers more thorough drug treatment to those with a substance dependency.

This contract means that Cranstoun will deliver services at every phase of a crime being committed – with continuity of care across the criminal justice system a key priority. Cranstoun are leading the way in supporting people to rebuild their lives upon leaving prison, providing a second chance and reducing cost and crime in society.

Arron Owen, Assistant Director for Criminal Justice said:

“We are delighted to be back into the prison estate and in partnership with Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation. Cranstoun is committed to delivering world-class services and our ambition is to further develop continuity of care throughout the criminal justice system.

“Our team within HMP Birmingham will be developing and delivering services that will give those in the prison the opportunity to access a range of interventions and will form part of the wider healthcare service. We want to continue to improve care for people and support them away from the criminal justice to rebuild their lives in our communities.”

“By working in partnership with officers at every phase of the journey, we can help to ensure better outcomes for individuals and society.”

The contract will run for seven years.

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