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Peter Krykant Joins Social Justice Charity, Cranstoun

Posted on: 3 September, 2021

Cranstoun is delighted to confirm the appointment of Peter Krykant to the Cranstoun team. Cranstoun is at the forefront in creating innovative solutions with and for people in the areas of alcohol and drug addictions, criminal justice and domestic abuse.


Charlie Mack was appointed in November 2020 as the new CEO of the charity whose new vision is to be a world-class leader in rebuilding lives.

Peter Krykant, who joins the Cranstoun team next week, is an activist and launched the UK’s first mobile overdose prevention facility in Glasgow in 2020. Supported by volunteers, Peter and the van have been credited with saving lives thanks to the supply of clean needles, a safe space to inject and overdose-preventing Naloxone.

Charlie Mack, Cranstoun’s Chief Executive said:

“Our approach in Cranstoun is to create ‘system change by doing’. We are delighted that Peter joins us to deliver change. There is a life-saving urgency to make things easier for people with alcohol and drug addictions to access services. Peter has a passion for and a wealth of expertise in developing and delivering innovative approaches to improve our reach to those most in need”.

Peter Krykant said:

“Having met CEO Charlie Mack and Meg Jones, Director of New Business regarding the role at Cranstoun, from the first meeting I was excited about the prospect of being part of the team. The vision of the organisation to support people most in need through a range of innovative approaches can create the solutions needed for some of our most pressing societal problems. Using international evidence along with a front line compassionate and connected response, we can develop the gold standard for helping people rebuild lives. To be part of an organisation that is willing to push for real change is a breath of fresh air. I look forward to seeing lives being saved and changed”.

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