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Powerful yet powerless

Posted on: 6 September, 2021

A service user poem about recovery:

Recovery isn’t it just lovely,
Different emotions, feeling down then suddenly bubbly
Triggers everywhere, having a mare
Death and using, is all confusing
Don’t know which way to turn, yet I yearn to learn
Keeping a sane mind on the outside
But crumbling on the inside
Feeling like I have nowhere to hide
Overflowing like a tide
But my eyes are open so wide
Feel like a prisoner with no dinner
Trying to ride the waves
As my head continues to cave
Drink and drugs, that’s my crave
It’s really not easy, I’m only on my step one
Realising my life was sleazy, but it’s not done
No proper guidance, no wonder I stay a wreck
Breaking a cycle, yet I’m dicing with death
LORD HELP ME!! To forgive and forget…


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