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Many hands make light work. At Cranstoun, many hands make bright work. When people come together to say “we’re here for you” to their communities, a wave of positivity, transformation and hope reaches further than most realise. Have a look at how you and your community can contribute to the rebuilding of lives, below.

Why Help Raise Money

When a community of individuals band together to raise money and awareness for an organisation like Cranstoun, they are sending out a crystal clear message that says,

  1. We believe in compassion
  2. We believe in a brighter future
  3. We believe in our community

Here at Cranstoun, we stand by this and we stand by you.

Cranstoun changes the lives of individuals, impacts the family environment and reshapes society as a whole, to make for a happier, healthier, safer community. Our services are designed to reduce harm, connect people to community networks and enable recovery. These services provide vital education, support and recovery programmes for people from all walks of life.

When you organise, take part in or support an event in the name of Cranstoun, you are actively advocating for the empowerment of positive change. This impact is monumental in the eyes of the people we work with and because of this, we want to express our deepest gratitude.

Cranstoun is registered with the Fundraising Regulator and follows the Code of Fundraising Practice, which describes the standards expected of all UK charitable fundraising. We’ve signed up to the fundraising promise: that all fundraising must be legal, open, honest and respectful.

Take a look at the suggestions below, and start planning your next fundraising event today.

How to Raise Money

Below you’ll find some ideas to get you on your way to fundraising triumph!

Bring Help From Home

Host a virtual event from home. Try a quiz, a talent show or a book club! You could also use some of your skills to teach some online classes. (All you need is a social media account, an audience and a tiny bit of imagination.)

Work Wonders from Work

Brighten up your workplace by hosting an event, encouraging your workplace to donate some goods or services, or get involved with payroll giving. Each small amount makes a huge difference.

Too Cool For School

Are you a student or staff member and eager to raise funds? You could plan a bake sale, have a fancy dress day, or dance your heart out at a school disco for Cranstoun.

Support with Sport

Use your passion for movement to fuel our passion for improvement! Organise a fun run, a dance class or a triathlon. We’ll be sprinting towards success in no time.

Represent at an Event

Host a themed party, a movie night or a dinner party for Cranstoun. A small donation from each of your guests could move mountains for the people we work with. It’s time to get creative!

Fundraising Page

Set up your fundraising page and start raising money for Cranstoun.

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Volunteer With Us

Our volunteers are extremely important to us. They bring new skills, fresh perspectives, local community links and make Cranstoun an even more diverse and vibrant organisation.

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