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Training and Consultancy Services

Cranstoun are committed to the development and delivery of world class behaviour change services. We equip practitioners and leaders with the knowledge and confidence to engage people in ways which reduce harm, reduce risk and empower individuals.

We are proud to provide our training and consultancy services to public, private and third sector organisations in the United Kingdom and across the globe. Both training and consultancy support are fully bespoke. Our expert team benefit from decades of practical experience and will gladly work with you to tailor an offer that meets your specific needs and budget.


Our training is fully active and does not rely solely on class-based listening.

We will develop fully bespoke training packages to suit your needs and budget. All Training can be delivered in person or online and over full or part days depending upon your requirements. Please complete the contact form below and a member of our team will get in touch to answer any queries that you have and to see how we can best fulfil any requirements that you have.

Participants will benefit from a variety of exercises designed to apply learning to practice. Our core training offer includes;

Naloxone Administration

Naloxone is a simple to use and effective emergency medication given to counteract the effects of opioid overdose. In community settings it is available as a nasal spray or an intramuscular injection. This course teaches the signs of opioid overdose, how naloxone works and how to administer it.

Enhanced Overdose Response

Most overdoses in the UK involve one of more opioids and other central nervous system depressants. These are known as polydrug overdoses. This course builds on our Naloxone Administration training and includes relevant aspects of Basic Life Support e.g. CPR and airway management. It also includes management of the scene of the overdose and how to give ‘postvention’ support to the casualty.

Harm Reduction Practice

We provide this entire training course as a set of practical exercises, for example ‘cooking up’ fake drugs to prepare them for injection. We find that this is the most effective way for people learn the intricacies of drug use. It leads to an understanding of the rituals and priorities of people who use drugs. This course enhances the ability of participants to understand the thinking of people who use drugs and identifies ways to collaboratively reduce risk behaviours.

How to Embed Harm Reduction Practices 

Many organisations are trying to redevelop evidence-based harm reduction approaches after more than a decade of funding cuts and a focus on abstinence. We share our experiences in this redevelopment within our own services, with a focus on 7 key activities that enabled us to achieve this. Among the 7 are a focus on innovations and developing peer-to-peer harm reduction services.


How to Recognise and Respond to instances of suspected abuse 

This includes an introduction to domestic abuse, covering prevalence, theoretical models interventions and practice.

Effective domestic abuse perpetrator interventions

This course provides participants with a deeper understanding of how to work with perpetrators. It will upskill frontline practitioners and give them the confidence to hold perpetrators to account.

Supporting adult victims and survivors 

Understanding the experience of the victim, knowing what support is needed and where to access.

Impacts and effects on children and young people 

Develops a greater understanding of effects and impacts of domestic abuse on children and young people, including the development and consequences of adverse childhood experiences for both primary victims and those using harmful behaviours.

DASH Masterclass and risk assessment 

Developing the ability of participants to apply comprehensive and informed risk assessment in its entirety. Includes how to assess risk and vulnerabilities for both victim/survivor and perpetrator.


Builds understanding stalking typologies and the differences between those stalking within intimate partner relationship and those who stalk strangers.


Chris Rintoul

Chris is Cranstoun’s Head of Harm Reduction, joining the organisation in 2021. Prior to this Chris worked as a Social Worker for 25 years in Belfast, and in drug treatment and homelessness services. He has a specialist interest and expertise in harm reduction generally and overdose response in particular. Over the span of his career, he has written several practice guides and academic articles, set up harm reduction services and spoken at conferences across the globe. He has developed and delivered specialist training across the UK and Ireland since 2007.

Maria Cripps

Maria has been with Cranstoun for over 20 years, establishing targeted domestic abuse interventions within a number of service settings including substance use treatment and criminal justice services. Maria has led the development of innovative perpetrator intervention programmes addressing all risk levels. Maria has established herself as a leading national expert in this space, participating within and advising the All Parties Parliamentary Group for Domestic Abuse, and working to identify and evolve global best practice via the International Learning Alliance.

Costing Approach

We are motivated by a vision to share and spread world class practice and innovation across and beyond the UK. As such, we offer flexible rates, including half day and full day tailoring options for both training and consultancy packages. We are committed to finding a solution that works for each organisation and their specific circumstances. Please use the contact form to get in touch with us to explore and agree a training offer that suits your specific requirements.

Examples & Quotes

We trained 56 West Midlands Probation staff in Naloxone Administration over 5 days in early 2023, taking into account the type of naloxone they were supplied with and specific scenarios they were more likely to encounter in their roles.

‘Hi Chris – A big thank you to you and your colleague Alistair for the excellent training sessions! I’ve heard nothing but good things from our staff who’s attended. The comments speak for themselves 😊’

‘If anyone is undecided about attending this training – I can highly recommend it as it is highly insightful and potentially lifesaving’

‘Great training – a day well invested’

‘Many thanks for the training last week. It was really informative and helpful – with lots of fun and interesting discussions too!’

‘I have just told my boss to send out a message to Staffordshire as it was such a brilliant day.’

‘I would like to thank you for providing us with excellent training yesterday. It was very knowledgeable and make me feel confident.’

Get in touch to develop training & consultancy bespoke to your requirements:

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