We believe that any positive change which reduces risk and harm posed by drugs or alcohol is a cause for celebration and can be built upon.

We have invested heavily in harm reduction training for our own staff and managers. Practitioners are equipped with knowledge and confidence to engage people in completely new ways. We are pleased to provide our training to public, private and third sector organisations too.

All courses are based on decades of practical experience from our trainers and all of our courses are active. This isn’t just about being in a classroom listening, you will be ‘doing’ things.

Exercises include practicing CPR, mock administration of naloxone, making foil tooters, making various types of crack pipe, administering an injection into a training arm, and ‘cooking up’ a drug.

Whilst these engage participants they are also a vehicle to learn about risk management, develop skills in overdose response and understanding the priorities of people who use substances.

Courses we currently offer

  • Naloxone Administration
  • Enhanced Overdose Response
  • Harm Reduction

We can tailor the training to individual groups and the needs of their role and setting.

We would love to share our passion for harm reduction with you. Please get in touch about any training needs you or your organisation has on substance use.

Examples of our training

We trained 56 West Midlands Probation staff in Naloxone Administration over 5 days in early 2023, taking into account the type of naloxone they were supplied with and specific scenarios they were more likely to encounter in their roles.

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