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Our Story

Ambition, collaboration, compassion, creativity and respect are Cranstoun’s values. When you trust in Cranstoun, you achieve the impossible. Together, let’s move mountains, break down barriers and make positive changes.

About Us

Everyone has their own story to share. Here at Cranstoun, we get it. That’s why our work is person-centered and has real, human experience at the heart of it. Our job is to make people feel safe, to empower people with the tools to create lasting change, to reduce harm, to rebuild lives, to inspire people to live healthier, safer lives, to stand for social justice and to remind every person that they are worthy of respect and compassion.

Cranstoun provides services for adults and young people facing difficulties with alcohol and other drugs, domestic abuse, housing and criminal justice.

Taking that giant step to seek help is incredibly brave and we admire this courage. That’s why when someone chooses to trust in Cranstoun, they are valued and respected, every time. With understanding, honesty and compassion weaved throughout our work, people can feel confident that they have placed their lives in safe hands.

Cranstoun empowers, protects and reveals the strength and potential within us all.

Our History

We have been making a difference for over 50 years…

Annie and Michael Dixon founded a residential community for people in recovery (Cranstoun House) in 1969 and before long, offered further treatment and support for vulnerable people and their families. With determination, they steered the organisation to huge success and our journey to saving, protecting and improving people’s lives, began. As the decades passed, Cranstoun flourished. Services were introduced to help young people, people in the criminal justice system and underrepresented groups, as well as many others.

Those that came before us showed determination and grit, and were eager to improve. Working alongside politicians and people of influence, they developed our services, reached wider audiences and before long, Cranstoun became a leader in its field.

Time may have passed, but the focus, empathy and dedication that was first displayed by our founders, continues to power us forward. With more services, expertise and passion than ever before, Cranstoun looks forward to a positive future, inspired by an amazing past.


How We Work

We are the solutions people, and positive transformation is our specialty. At Cranstoun, there’s no problem too large for us to handle together.

Education, intervention, harm reduction, recovery, growth and community are central to our services. With approaches and programmes that have been honed over 50 years, people can rely on our knowledge, expertise and experience.

Because of this, there truly is a space for all people, from all walks of life.

The goals of those that use our services are our priority. Our services remain person-centered at all times, ensuring the correct pace and approach for all involved.

Whether you’re in need of problem-specific support and services, tools and education, an uplifting community of like-minded individuals or you need advice on how to better support a family member or friend, we’re here to reach out a helping hand.


Our Values

Cranstoun’s values underpin everything that we do empower people and empower change. They are key in ensuring that we are always striving for the best for the people who use our services.


Having a strong desire or determination to succeed


Working together to achieve a goal


Showing genuine concern for someone else and their needs


Coming up with new ideas and solutions to resolve a problem or do something in a better way


Showing consideration or regard to something or someone


Let’s reduce harm, stand up for social justice and empower change, today.

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