DIVERT is Cranstoun’s pre-arrest drug diversion programme for those caught by the police in possession of small quantities of a controlled substance.


The aim of DIVERT is to educate and inform. We are committed to supporting individuals to make informed choices about their drug use and provide an alternative to arrest. DIVERT aims to pave the way to meaningful and effective early interventions for people at risk of drug-related harm. The outcome of a court appearance for those charged with low-level drug offences is often a fine or a short prison sentence. However, evidence suggests that short-term prison sentences often lead to the offender committing more crime in the long term.

DIVERT offers a different and better long term approach.

Education courses and treatment pathways are provided for adults and young people caught with controlled substances such as heroin, cocaine, cannabis, amphetamines, and new psychoactive substances. These must be in quantities suggesting that the possession is for personal use.

Please note: The programme is not available to those who have been caught ‘in possession with intent to supply’.

The DIVERT course will cover:

  • Drug-specific harm reduction advice
  • Naloxone advice and dispensing
  • Economic and lifestyle impact of drug use
  • Tailored individual advice and support
  • Onward referrals to specialist treatment
  • Police/community relations

The DIVERT programme has created positive impact and lasting value for many of our participants and continues to do so.

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