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Cranstoun means business when we talk about harm reduction. We are committed to reducing the harms associated with substance use in every way we can imagine. From our naloxone supply, to our Buddy Up app, Diamorphine Assisted Treatment, DIVERT and injecting equipment provision we are in the business of improving lives.

We fully support the development of Overdose Prevention Sites (OPS) in every location they are needed across the world. We are lobbying and influencing hard on this subject, none more so than our own Peter Krykant who set up and ran the UK’s first OPS in Glasgow in 2021. Many lives were saved by this service, and many more improved.

Cranstoun know that much of the harm of illicit drugs is caused precisely because they are illicit. The ‘War on Drugs’ is now 51 years old and has done much to make drugs more harmful and more available, not less. Therefore diversion from the criminal justice system for drug offences is a welcome first step in reducing these harms but is not enough on its own. We’re outright calling for the abolition of the Misuse of Drugs Act (1971) replaced with a legally regulated and safe supply of all drugs. Let’s remove the lucrative drugs market from the hands of organised crime gangs for once and for all – we all deserve the better society that will bring.

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National Harm Reduction Services

National Harm Reduction Services

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