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Response to Suspected Drug Related Deaths Statistics in Scotland

Posted on: 13 June, 2023

Today saw the publication of Suspected Drug Related Deaths in Scotland from January to March 2023

The figures showed that there were 298 suspected drug deaths between January and March 2023. Which was 1% (3) higher than the last quarter and 5% (13) higher compared to the same period
of 2022.

a spokesperson for the social justice charity Cranstoun said:

“We remember those who have lost their lives through drug related deaths as we see these figures. Each one someone’s someone.


“The data seems to begin to suggest that the levels of suspected drug related deaths are levelling in Scotland. Whilst this is welcome to some degree, we still await to see the tide turn and see these numbers fall much more sharply.


“More still needs to be done to reduce drug-related deaths in Scotland, and the whole UK, and we have continued to put pressure on policy makers to look at new approaches and implementing the right intervention at the right time for people with problematic drug use.


“We remain committed to working with legislators to implement an effective, approach rooted in early intervention aimed at reducing the harm and deaths caused by drugs including Overdose Prevention Centres and integrated Diamorphine Assisted Treatment.


“This should sit alongside a Cranstoun whole system approach which includes our pre-arrest (DIVERT) and in-custody diversion schemes (CARS) which have been proven to improve lives and help to break the revolving door of the criminal justice system. These can be delivered in current frameworks and we have submitted comprehensive proposals to the Scottish Government previously on how we could support the setup of these crucial harm reduction measures.


“We must focus on more joined up health and justice services along with strong local partnerships which can offer people the right support and interventions at the right time.”

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