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National praise for Cranstoun’s trailblazing West Midlands scheme

Posted on: 5 October, 2021

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Probation last week published their Substance Misuse Effective Practice Guide, highlighting Cranstoun’s work in West Midlands as an example of best practice.

Cranstoun has a long history of working in the criminal justice arena and has been working with the West Midlands PCC and Police to divert drug offenders away from prosecution and more serious crime through early interventions and education.

The report states: “There is a consistent model across the diverse custody suites delivered by Cranstoun. The consistency supports promotion and understanding of the scheme across the sites and is working particularly well in Birmingham and Solihull. We believe this is because of the working relationships with liaison and diversion staff, probation and drugs services and the fact that it offers more than just drug and alcohol testing through the voluntary assessments”.

The Cranstoun Arrest Referral Service works with and across the West Midlands Police force area, seven local authority areas and in partnership with local drug and alcohol services, the Probation service and HM Courts. The service engages with people in custody to build trust and assess drug and alcohol use. Individuals are supported into local treatment and completed assessments for court orders support magistrate decisions for alternatives to prison sentences that will directly support and break the cycle of crime. In 2020 the service delivered 2400 assessments in custody and received 1000 referrals into treatment.

Meg Jones, Director of New Business & Services said: “Cranstoun is incredibly proud to have been recognised in the HMIP Effective Practice Guide for Substance Misuse. The Cranstoun approach to criminal justice is to develop and deliver innovation in the gaps of traditional provision, providing opportunities and engagement throughout the system to support people out of the revolving door. This reduces cost to wider society and gives individuals the best chance of different path”

Arron Owen, Cranstoun’s National Lead for Criminal Justice said: “Our ambition with the Cranstoun Arrest Referral Service has always been to join up the existing services and ensure those engaged with the Criminal Justice System are given the opportunities to access the treatment and support they need at all stages of the CJ System. I am extremely proud of the work that each member of staff has put into the Cranstoun Arrest Referral Service and the developments we have made since the service began in 2020.”

Simon Foster, West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “This scheme tackles the root causes of criminality. It will cut crime, there will be less victims of crime, less pressure on our police service and public services, less impact on our criminal justice system, it will save taxpayers money and provide an opportunity to break the cycle of crime and for previous offenders to turn their lives around and make a positive contribution to society.

I am proud to commission this service and pleased that the service has been recognised in this way.”


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