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Children & Young People: Solutions to Problems Facing the Next Generation

Posted on: 6 June, 2024

Since the significant cuts to crucial Children and Young People services in 2010, we have seen the development of a youth mental health crisis, and youth arrests increased by 9% last year . The development of technology has enabled misogynistic figures such as Andrew Tate to thrive, negatively influencing our next generation. Significantly more must be done to combat this, and quickly.

The funding of youth hubs, significant investment in better PSHE, and ensuring young people are diverted away from the criminal justice system where possible are essential pillars to protect young people from harm, and harmful patterns of behaviour.

We must ensure young people are given consistent, thorough education on healthy relationships, and how to act in a relationship. We can tackle issues upstream, preventing intergenerational trauma, but we must roll-back the cuts which have decimated support services.

It is essential that all young people are given an equal chance, irrespective of where they come from, to live a prosperous and happy life. This currently is not the case.

Vicky Branch, Head of Children & Young People Services at Cranstoun, said:

“This General Election is of enormous importance for the children and young people that Cranstoun represents.

“For too long, the needs of children and young people have been sacrificed and it is no surprise that we are in the midst of a mental health crisis for young people. Whoever is elected to govern after the next election, there must be a strategic plan and vision for young people which is rooted in support, upstream strategies and diversion from prosecution.

“Our policy proposals include the opening of youth hub facilities, to support young people whilst providing a safe space. We’re also calling on candidates to back a nation-wide youth diversi0n scheme to address the root cause of offending upstream whilst delivering important educational information.”

Here are our solutions:

  • To actively reduce the barriers young people face in accessing support.
  • Provide enhanced PSHE education through increased funding and training.
  • A wholesale review of school exclusion policy to ensure more students are in schools and colleges.
  • Establish a uniform, national framework for Youth Diversion for all appropriate offences.
  • Commit to reducing intergenerational abuse through fully-funded preventative domestic abuse programmes.
  • Commit to implementing Youth Hubs and affordable clubs to address Youth Club closures since 2010.

View our full report and recommendations here

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