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Housing & Homelessness: Everyone Deserves a Home

Posted on: 6 June, 2024

For too long both national and local governments have been too hesitant in building enough homes. We must address this now, with the situation already dire for people renting or who have a mortgage, and significantly worse for the shameful number of people forced to sleep rough.

The Government pledged to end rough sleeping, a cornerstone policy of the 2019 General Election, yet the figures are on the rise again. The ‘Everyone In’ policy shows that the only block to ensuring everyone has a roof over their heads is political will, and the prioritisation of people’s safety and health. Additionally, Housing First has been piloted for several years – the evidence shows it works – so must be formalised to ensure the long-term safety of an effective scheme.

Everyone deserves the right to a home, regardless of their circumstances. Too often the vulnerable suffer. We must not exclude people who are dependent on substances from housing schemes, whilst ensuring that we can provide an adequate, suitable home immediately to those fleeing abuse.

Wendy Taylor, Assistant Director of Housing & Homelessness Services at Cranstoun, said:

“With just a few weeks until the General Election, we are sharing our housing & homelessness recommendations.

“Despite pledges to end rough sleeping before the end of this Parliament, the number of people rough sleeping is instead on the rise: the need for a new strategy is clear. This must include the building of genuinely affordable homes, and improving access to housing for all, including those with dependent substance use.

“It is also essential that, when accommodation is provided, it is properly regulated to prevent rogue landlords from taking advantage of vulnerable tenants.

“We believe that everybody deserves a home, and call on all candidates, and any eventual government to stand together to end the crisis in support and housing that is leaving so many vulnerable people without somewhere to call home.”

Here are our solutions:

  • Build genuinely affordable homes to address significant issues related to the supply of housing.
  • Formalise the Housing First scheme, and other supported housing initiatives which require no sobriety preconditions.
  • An immediate and long-term plan to assist anyone experiencing homelessness with access to accommodation and successful exits.
  • Clamp down on rogue landlords abusing the exempt accommodation system.
  • Revolutionise housing solutions to domestic abuse, removing responsibility from victim survivors to police their own safety.
  • Create a cross-departmental task force to monitor situation and recommend improvements.

View our full report and recommendations here

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